FOTO-IO ISTANBUL  have been providing a Photography Services,  in Turkish Waters to the Maritime Industry, since 1997. We specialize in all aspects of Maritime Photography and undertake photo assignments in all Turkish ports including the Bosphorus & Dardanelles for clients from around the world. Our customers include ship owners, ship builders, shipping companies, architects, media agencies and others.

To learn more about our services, please have a look at our galleries, which contain a portfolio of our latest photography  assignments  and do not  hesitate to contact  us for more  information about the services, we can provide.

We love to monitor the journeys of the all ships passing the Bosphorus strait and recording them with high quality photographs and videos. This year 2022, we have left behind our 25th anniversary.

Foto-İo was Founded In 1997 By Mehmet YAPICI. When We First Started In 1997, We Were Shooting With 35 Mm Cameras Using Negative And Positive Slide Films. We Shot Thousands Of Ships With These Cameras. We Even Took A Lot Of Shots Hanging Out Of Upper wing Airplane Windows And Tailgates . With The Developing And Presented Technology, We Can Take Very Enjoyable Videos And Photographs Of The Ships With Drones At The Point, We Have Reached.

Below you can see the photos we took from the land with a DSLR cameras. We have many vantage points to take photographs of the vessel’s passing the Bosphorus strait. If the weather is not suitable for drones, we continue to take photos from the land.

Our office is in the Bosphorus. We are able to take photographs of passing ships in day time from our office balcony. We archive the photographs of all vessel passing through the Bosphorus with our DSLR cameras. Often, we shoot with a drone the ships passing through the Bosphorus for the first time and some of the beautiful ships we have chosen, even though there is no request from the shipowner. We have a large and high quality archive of photographs and video record starting from 1997. We keep developing it every day with new images.

Below pictures taken from our office balcony with DSLR camera.